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ÅAC Microtec and York Space Systems Announce Agreement to Supply Advanced Avionics for Small Spacecraft Platform

York Space Systems and AAC Microtec announce a definitive agreement for the supply of advanced command and data handling avionics for York's S-Class small spacecraft platform. The avionics leverage AAC's unique design approach with low cost and high reliability. Under the agreement, the electronics will be manufactured by York in the United States; enabling broad reach across US Government and commercial markets.

The first flight sets will be aboard York's Harbinger mission for a US Government customer, launching Q3 2017, and will be integrated across York's 20+ platforms currently under formal agreements or LOIs planned for production for commercial and Government customers.

"We are very happy and proud of our partnership with York. This shows the strength of our new product platform. The Sirius products are designed to provide optimal reliability at an attractive price. We look forward to a fruitful and successful cooperation", says Mikael Andersson, Chief Executive Officer of ÅAC Microtec AB.

"AAC's design and avionics capabilities are a great fit for our S-Class platform, and our production plans. The products are compact, affordable, and offer an array of interfaces and variety for payload and mission customers, while giving our platforms best-in-class performance. We look forward to developing our great relationship and supporting the successful rollout of our mass production platform with AAC," says Dirk Wallinger, Chief Executive Officer of York Space Systems.

"AAC Microtec designs world-class avionics meeting demanding on-orbit and deep space performance criteria. York Space demonstrated early on that we could craft a win-win business agreement from our initial meetings at our Mountain View office last November. This effort has established a solid foothold in the US to complement our European and Asian markets.

As a global provider of cost effective fault-tolerant and radiation tolerant systems, AAC Microtec proudly supports the efforts of York Space systems from both our offices in California and in Sweden. We look forward to supporting this rising star in New Space and our mutual growth in the North American space sector" says Michael Carey, President and CEO AAC Microtec North America, Inc.

York's S-Class platform combines capability, cost, and rapid delivery allowing customers to rethink the way space assets are procured. For both Government and commercial customers, the S-Class platform gives customers the ability to deploy rapidly off-the-shelf and at mass production cost points, while avoiding the three year wait time between concept and flight.

The S-Class platform addresses the responsive and commoditized approach demanded by customers, allowing Payloads and Mission Planners to focus on the important aspects of the mission-the data and the payload. With one-week delivery times on inventory, known interfaces, and unmatched cost points, the S-Class is intended to win the make/buy decision with a Model-T approach.

August 8th, 2016, Logan, UT

For further information please contact:
York Space Systems LLC, Kate Bailey, Director of Media Relations, [email protected]

ÅAC Microtec AB, Johan Bäckström, VP Sales & Marketing, +46 70 673 6755 [email protected]

About York Space Systems
York Space Systems is an innovative American aerospace company specializing in small and medium class spacecraft based in Denver, CO. The company is entering the production phase of their S-Class platform, which leverages a proprietary design to reduce the cost of manufacture by an order of magnitude. The S-Class platform is a 3-axis stabilized spacecraft capable of supporting 85kg payloads with up to 100W of Orbit Average Power (OAP), 1,400 W Peak (Standard), or 3,000 W Peak (Enhanced) with one week delivery times on inventory.

Designed for mass manufacture and intended for constellations, the S-Class supports a wide range of missions including earth observation and communication. It is capable of steady state operation in any orbit inclination and orientation without redesign. The platform form factor can leverage existing ride-share opportunities on ESPA, or can be adapted to any of the numerous dedicated small launch vehicles. It is currently under development to significantly reduce launch segment costs. For more information, visit

About ÅAC Microtec
ÅAC Microtec globally provides high value space solutions and systems for commercial and governmental customers through its partner network and offices in Uppsala, Sweden, and Moffett Field, CA, USA. The company is, today, a core development partner in leading programs to launch new, smaller satellites for the new space market. Based on its advanced position in these programs, ÅAC's ambition is to further strengthen its position as a strategic supplier for the growing aerospace industry. For more information, visit

ÅAC Sirius avionics products are tailored to meet increasingly demanding requirements on reliability, resilience and low power consumption. Their form factor, mass and dimensions make them attractive for the small satellite market and launch vehicle segments where a reduction in the size and mass of their power and data handling sub-systems are key factors. The capacity for onboard data handling, data storage and data transfer meets the current trend towards more advanced missions in smaller spacecraft.

York's Forward-Looking Statement
This press release contains statements that are or may be forward-looking statements, including statements that relate to the company's future prospects, developments and strategies. The forward-looking statements are based on current expectations and are subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results, performance and achievements to differ materially from current expectations, including, but not limited to, those risk and uncertainties described in the risk factors included in the company's regulatory filings. These forward-looking statements are based on assumptions regarding the present and future business strategies of the company and the environment in which it will operate in the future. Each forward-looking statement speaks only as at the date of this press release. Except as required by law, regulatory requirement, the Listing Rules and the Disclosure and Transparency Rules, neither the company nor any other party intends to update or revise these forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

24 maj 2017

Första kvartalet 2017

  • Nettoomsättningen uppgick till 3,8 (7,9) MSEK. Omsättningen föregående period inkluderar en engångseffekt i den successiva vinstavräkningen på + 2,5 MSEK till följd av en utökad order i ett pågående projekt
  • Rörelseresultatet uppgick till -5,4 (-3,2) MSEK
  • Resultat per aktie före utspädning uppgick till -0,17 (-0,50) SEK
  • ÅAC Microtec lanserade sin största produktsatsning hittills med Sirius, den nya produktserien för småsatelliter
  • ÅAC Microtec startade dotterbolag i England och anställer försäljningschef för den europeiska marknaden
  • VD slutade och CFO utsågs till tillförordnad VD
  • ÅAC Microtecs amerikanska partner York annonserade nytt samarbetsavtal, där ÅAC ingår
  • ÅAC Microtec fick uppdrag av Rymdstyrelsen att utveckla av nästa generations datahanteringssystem
23 maj 2017

ÅAC Microtec AB (publ) och Bright Ascension Ltd har idag ingått ett föravtal som möjliggör ett gemensamt erbjudande till småsatellitmarknaden

23 maj 2017

ÅAC Microtec AB ÅAC Microtec AB (publ) and Bright Ascension Ltd have today entered into an Interim Agreement that facilitates the joint offering of products for spacecraft avionics.

28 april 2017

Teckning har skett av 14 000 stamaktier i ÅAC Microtec med stöd av teckningsoptionsprogrammet TO 2015/2020 riktat till personal och vissa styrelseledamöter. Aktiekapitalet ökar därmed med 560 SEK. Efter registreringen av de nya aktierna uppgår antalet utestående aktier till 31 709 850 och aktiekapitalet till 1 268 394 SEK .

21 april 2017

Aktieägarna i ÅAC Microtec AB (publ), org. nr 556677-0599, kallas härmed till årsstämma onsdagen den 24 maj 2017 klockan 13.00 i lokaler på Hotel Villa Anna, Odinslund 3, 753 10 Uppsala.

29 mars 2017

ÅAC Microtec AB (publ) har utsett Iraklis Hatziathanasiou till medlem av företagsledningen. Iraklis Hatziathanasiou har över 15 års erfarenhet från rymdindustrin och är sedan i januari 2017 ansvarig för ÅAC:s försäljning i Europa.

29 mars 2017

ÅAC Microtec AB (publ) has appointed Iraklis Hatziathanasiou as a member of the company's management team. Iraklis Hatziathanasiou has over 15 years' experience in the aerospace and defence sector and, since January, is responsible for ÅAC's sales activities in Europe.

21 mars 2017

ÅAC Microtec AB (publ) har från Rymdstyrelsen erhållit 2 Mkr för att integrera Cobham Gaislers kraftfulla LEON3FT processor i syfte att möjliggöra mer avancerade rymduppdrag

21 mars 2017

ÅAC Microtec AB ÅAC Microtec AB (publ) received 2 million SEK from the Swedish National Space Board to integrate Cobham Gaisler's powerful LEON3FT processor in the Sirius data management system to enable more advanced missions.

23 februari 2017

Fjärde kvartalet 2016

  • Omsättningen uppgick till 4,7 (7,3) MSEK. Omsättningen är lägre än förväntat på grund av kund senarelagda leveranser från 2016 till 2017.
  • Rörelseresultatet uppgick till -12,2 (-5,4) MSEK.
  • Periodens resultat per aktie före och efter utspädning uppgick till -0,82 (-27,06) SEK.
  • I november genomfördes en företrädesemission samt en split av Bolagets aktier inför den planerade listningen av bolagets aktier på NASDAQ OMX First North. 
  • I december genomfördes en kraftigt övertecknad nyemission av 17 650 000 Units utan företrädesrätt för befintliga aktieägare. Varje Unit består av en aktie och en tecknings-option. Nyemissionen tillförde Bolaget ca 120 MSEK före emissionskostnader.
  • Första dag för handel på Nasdaq First North Stockholm var den 21 december 2016.

Helåret 2016

  • Omsättningen uppgick till 22,8 (23,9) MSEK.
  • Rörelseresultatet uppgick till -22,6 (-18,6) MSEK.
  • Periodens resultat per aktie före och efter utspädning uppgick till -6,01 (-90,75) SEK.
02 februari 2017

ÅAC Microtec:s kund York Space Systems annonserar i dag ett samarbetsavtal där ÅAC Microtec ingår tillsammans med ett antal aktörer inom satellitsystem, raketuppskjutning och drift. Avsikten med konstellationen är att kunna tillhandahålla kompletta system och mer standardiserade lösningar. York har beställningar och avsiktsförklaringar på ett 40-tal satelliter och avser nu att öka graden av standardlösningar för att kunna erbjuda högkvalitativa lösningar till attraktiva priser och därmed attrahera nya kunder. ÅAC Microtec levererar till York licenser för avionikprodukter (elektronik för rymd) med fokus på datahantering såsom omborddatorer och massminne.

20 januari 2017

Mikael Andersson har av personliga skäl valt att avsluta sin anställning som VD för ÅAC Microtec. Mikael kommer att finnas tillgänglig för bolaget under en övergångsperiod samtidigt som bolagets CFO Mats Thideman under en interimsperiod axlar rollen som bolagets VD.



Mats Thideman CFO och vice VD
+46 70-556 09 73 [email protected]


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